Who are the partners making the Symposium possible?


After more than a year of planning, reviewing submissions and setting the programme, the IRCT Scientific Symposium is now less than one month away. The global IRCT movement, broader research community and torture rehabilitation service providers will gather in Mexico City in early December for the first time in a decade.

This unique event would not be possible without the support of partners who make the fight against torture a priority of their foreign policy, among them Denmark, Switzerland and Germany.

The IRCT has had a long and close relationship with Denmark's development cooperation DANIDA, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, a partnership that now extends to the Symposium. Line Brøgger Kjærgaard says they are supporting the event because, "It is an opportunity to make significant advances in a sector that is more important than ever, as the number of torture victims around the world continues to increase.

"The IRCT plays a crucial role in building the capacity of its centres, identifying shared knowledge and any gaps in relation to research needs and using this knowledge to advocate for states to deliver on the right to rehabilitation."

The Swiss Confederation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is also supporting the event and Ralph Stamm says that, "The fight against torture is a top priority of Switzerland's foreign policy in the area of human rights. Eradicating torture also means supporting the rehabilitation of torture victims.

"This Scientific Symposium supported by Switzerland provides a unique opportunity to shed light on the abundance of research and evidence worldwide on which approaches to rehabilitation work best. It will help to promote and realise the right to rehabilitation by highlighting the responsibility of states and empowering civil society actors."

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany has also partnered with IRCT, and Jens Wagner from the Division for Human Rights and Gender Policy says, "We must provide comprehensive care and support to the victims of torture, and bring the perpetrators to justice. Germany is one of the biggest donors to the UN Fund for Victims of Torture, and supports a wide range of projects aimed at combating torture. To successfully fight against torture, we need a broad cooperation of civil society, academia, governments, and international organisations. We are proud to a partner in an IRCT Symposium, 10 years after the last Symposium in Berlin in 2006."

IRCT Secretary-General Victor Madrigal-Borloz says, "In addition to Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, the IRCT is finalising terms of engagement with other partners who will support the event. The IRCT and the torture rehabilitation movement are proud and honored to work with all of these visionary states in the furtherance of its mission."

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