10th IRCT Scientific Symposium now underway in Mexico


The 10th IRCT Scientific Symposium is now underway, following a moving and inspiring opening ceremony on 4 December in Mexico City. A number of speakers addressed the crowd, while musical performances and a video, which recognised the pioneers of the rehabilitation from around the world added to the special occasion.

IRCT Secretary-General Victor Madrigal-Borloz closed the evening by reminding the more than 300 participants of why their work is important. ""We must continue to learn, to adapt, to improve, to evidence our work, to engage in political dialogue where possible and condemed thoroughly when necessary. We must be at the forefront and open ourselves to new debates in the field of torture rehabilitation. We must continue to define our work and never be afraid to redefine ourselves. More important than anything else, we must never forget the people we serve and why we do what we do."


IRCT President Suzanne Jabbour at the Opening Ceremony


IRCT Secretary-General, Victor Madrigal-Borloz


Sebnem Korur Finance from the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey 


Débora Benchoam